A Word from our Friends at SoL

logoOur friends at the Society for Organizational Learning have this to say about World Café:

The Society for Organizational Learning (SoL) has used the World Café at many of our events and community gatherings, such as our Executive Champions’ Workshop (every August) and our upcoming Applied Organizational Learning Program this December. The World Café has provided us with a social technology to bring together leaders and change makers from all over the world and have them focus on questions most important to them. The deep reflections, the conversations that built on each other round after round, and the insights that people generated by tapping into their analytical as well as creative side has been an inspiring and impactful process. We know that many lasting relationships, personal transformations and shifts in our collective consciousness have resulted from using the World Café. We look forward to many great experiences to come.

Frank Schneider
SoL North America President/CEO

>> Please join them for their Applied Organizational Learning for Business Results Program with Peter Senge, in Ashland, Mass on December 7-11th!

And join all of us in the social change community – wherever you are in the world, and whatever your conversational method of choice may be – in the online Global Impact Jamboree Harvest Cafés November 17th & 18th (choose the time zone that works best for your part of the world)!

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