About the World Cafe

The World Café is a global community of people dedicated to awakening and engaging collective intelligence through conversations about questions that matter. It is also a conversational process based on a set of integrated design principles that reveal a deeper living network pattern through which we co-evolve our collective future.

This blog is part of our communication network, and one of the ways we share our stories and thoughts with each other. Please make it your own and share your voice here through the ‘comments’ feature at the bottom of every post. And, if you read something you really like and would like to send it to a friend, use the “email this post” feature at the bottom of that post.

If you enjoy the conversation here you might consider joining the World Café online community, where you can initiate and enter into in-depth conversations with others who care about the principles of the World Café and the power of
meaningful conversation.

For more information about The World Café itself, please visit the World Café website, where you can subscribe to the World Café newsletter, TableTalk. And you are warmly invited to visit any of the other World Café hosted blogs, including the Climate Change blog, World Café Europe blog and Conversation as a Co-Evolutionary Force.

And lastly, if you encounter any problems posting your comments to the blog, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help: *protected email*

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