About this Blog

This is a blog for us to share and inspire one another on the topic of Global Climate Change. Here you will find the resources needed to host events that will encourage and empower your community at home or work to address the environmental challenges of our day.

It is hosted by the World Café, which offers a method for bringing people together in conversation to address the big questions of our time. We believe it is through conversation that we can collectively develop a shared sense
of meaning, establish our goals and move toward constructive action.

The blog will include regular postings on positive responses to climate change, particularly those that involve the World Café and other dialogic processes, but we will also be posting material that embraces other approaches, metaphors, and perspectives.

Use this space to share your ideas and resources—we welcome your stories of Global Climate Change Cafés, including questions, design of events, specific ideas for action and reports on successes.

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Send your ideas and stories and we will post them here as an inspiration to others.