Almost in Dresden…

Here I sit on a bench in the sun, outside Berlin Spandau train station. A ‘Rathaus’ with a tower is in front of me. My night train from Belgium to Berlin was delayed, so I missed my connection and have to wait. But the sun is here, beautiful: not too hot, just perfect to sit on a bench in a strange town.

This is Berlin where East and West were so close to each other; where East and West hardly could reach on another…

Can World Café, and all what it stands for, help in this process of
re-connecting? The World-as-Café is probably a saying that we don’t
understand fully (yet)? What is the powerful question for this
World-as-Café? How can we cross-pollinate across walls, borders,
divides…, inside ourselves and in between us, in-between you and me?

Can I see the human-being-ness in the young Moroccans speaking,
shouting, laughing on the bench behind my back? They probably don’t
understand my Dutch nor my English, and I don’t understand their
Moroccan  and only a little of their German. Can I really open my heart
and soul for them… with nothing holding back? For me that is how I
understand in this moment the World-as-Café.

In Dresden they already started talking – conversing – turning to
one another – one hour ago. Let’s imagine the highest future that can
come out of this!