In the September issue of TableTalk, I spoke about the challenges & uncertainty of the times we’re in now and how it’s in these times that we become even more appreciative of things like the power of conversation and the blessings of community. In the spirit of harvest and thanksgiving, I invited us all to take a moment and think about the things we most appreciate about this work we’re all engaged in.


Note: The remarkable photo above was shared freely under a Creative Commons license. It came from Gregory Smith‘s work on the CARF (Children at Risk Foundation) page on Flickr.

I’ve already started getting some wonderful responses by email and on the online community forum .

Alice McGillivray sent in two photos of a World Café on leadership within park and protected areas, wordlessly voicing what she appreciates, and our friend FireHawk Hulin from Resonance shares this video of David Cooperrider’s thoughts, which he taped in a 1990 interview at his home in Illinois:

From Sharon Joy Kleisch, the World Café regional steward in Florida:

"The World Café opens a world of possibilities. Connecting is easy and leads to the most interesting people, passionate about doing important work in their communities and on this planet. Local cafes offer the gift of meaningful conversations that haven’t happened in quite this way before. Sometimes the local and the larger network interface, creating potentials for sharing and the delight of new insights.

As much as I appreciate these qualities, perhaps even greater is to experience a living system and to be part of a healthy example of how and why such a theory works."

From Juanita Brown, co-founder of the World Café:

"One of the things I’m most appreciative about in relation to the World Café is the truly amazing and beautiful community of heart and spirit that is stewarding this work forward into it’s next generation of life and creativity.  I am truly humbled and blessed to sense the love, commitment, creativity and capability with which so many around the world are co-evolving this beautiful “being” that is the World Café in service to life affirming futures in local communities and regions around the globe.

With my deep appreciation and respect."

You, too, are most warmly invited to use the comment function below to share your own thoughts on what you most appreciation about the World Café work. Thank you!


  1. Appreciation of the World Cafe is one special aspect of its essence.
    many World Cafe gatherings, meetings, conferences, etc. are designed to evoke what has value, possibility, energy, and creativity out of the conversations… Appreciation here has the meaning of growing in value as investors hope a stock, bond, or real estate might appreciate.

  2. During this time of busy chatter and debates, my ears grow numb! I appreciate the World Cafe’s ability to open and hold a space for people to respectfully stop………and deeply listen to each other. There is such power and magic in this attention and intention!

  3. What I appreciate about the World Cafe is the possibility of being around people with open minds and hearts and to savor the fruits that emerge out of meaningful conversations. The World Cafe has made me a better person throughout the years…!

  4. I appreciate the World Cafe for creating community in a time when isolation seems like a default condition. The Cafe experience provides us with a rich opportunity to come together in respectful, reflective and compassionate conversations.

  5. I find that the supporting principles and values of the World Cafe prepare people and organizations for “more informed” action on the particular question or issue addressed. Most importantly many leave with a new mindset about the power of thinking together and what it means to have a generative (or future oriented; possibilities)worldview. And, therein lies the evolutionary nature and potential of the journey that we are on.