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Team Building

This from André Duarte in Brasil:

“The use of positive conversation, through the World Café concept, has been used in many team buildings, culture enhancement events and other workshops I have participated in the last 10 years. Even today, it strikes me how powerful yet (or because it is) simple way it is to address essential and fundamental points. I feel like being part of a process that aggregates everyone in searching for answers, solutions, and insights. Additionally, and maybe more important, it catalyzes the feeling that the team is trailing the right path!

Of course there were other such meetings that did not use those concepts and it has been interesting to compare: those other meetings usually look duller and much harder to lead to the convergence of World Café!”

Andre Luis Oliveira Duarte
CRO – Chief Risk Officer
Banco Votorantim S/A
Former Risk Director of Banco Itau Unibanco

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World Café as Millenial Child

helen-tichen-beethThis beautiful anniversary message is from Helen Titchen Beeth.

Helen was a key pioneer in bringing participatory practices like World Café into the European Commission, and she is a most charming and (always) inspirational friend. I’ll never forget how “at home” she made me feel during my first visit to Brussels.

“The World Café seems to me to be one of the brightest of all the millennial children. The simplicity of bringing people together as human beings to talk about what matters to them. The profundity of creating hospitable spaces where individuals can witness the power and intelligence of the collective. Where learning is both safe and unavoidable. Where the highest and the lowest can meet on an equal footing and where every voice can be heard. An alchemical process – seeded by a heartfelt invitation and a skilfully crafted, relevant question – the natural by-product of which is more connection, more trust, more hope.

They say “you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed”. Well, the World Café has strewn orchards across the world.”

Thank you, Helen!

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(published with permission by the author – thank you Sheila!)

I just wanted to express my appreciation for a World Cafe experience I had yesterday.

In my career I’ve been in a lot of committees and work groups, but have never seen a group of almost 3 dozen people from diverse backgrounds that was able to accomplish as much as we did in such a short time (less than 3 hours). Not only was the end result was very valuable to the organization hosting the meeting (Ohio Help Me Grow Advisory Council), but the process was equally valuable to the individuals who participated. It was a wonderful experience!

Sheila Torio