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Talking it Through

photoAnneWe often refer to our beloved Anne Dosher as the “Guardian of the Soul of the World Café”.

Anne, who is now in her 90s, doesn’t travel as much as she once did and we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like these days.

But her spirit is always with us, and never more so than now when we’re about to embark on Impact Cafés all over the world to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of World Café.

Anne’s story of how she came to her life’s work, and what compels her to “talk it through” whenever there are difficulties and challenges, is one that she wrote for this blog back in 2007.

Every time I hear it, I gain new insight and awareness about the depth and power of this work we’re all engaged in. So it’s with gratitude for Anne, her guidance, and wisdom, and love, that I share it with you all here on this special day in the life of the World Café: Talking it Through.

ULab Session#1

Communication is the Key

This is a little video I made to show a special kind of communication happening all around the world through Twitter, in relation to the ULab MOOC sponsored by MIT happening now … and in particular, the journey of one little message written to convey our gratitude to be part of it.

Special thanks to Otto Scharmer and our friends at Kommunikationslotsen.