Climate Change Cafés in Reno

This report came in from Wendy Mason of Reno, NV, about a regional initiative to address climate change:

"On November 11, the Nevada Coalition for Climate Protection (NC4CP) hosted an introductory meeting regarding The Climate Change Cafés. Over 30 attended with another 10 responding that they supported us in our endeavors. Our goal was to see if there was enough interest in Reno, Nevada to make the effort of putting on the Cafes worth it. We were also looking for a few more volunteers to join our team.


The meeting was a big success. We had many short presentations (synopses of the following books: World Café, Blessed Unrest and Low-Carbon Diet) and short informative videos like Paul Hawken speaking at last years Bioneers meeting, and a few videos from Dr. Emmett Miller. We also showed a very cute one-minute video called Wombat and presented a short overview of what the city of Reno was already doing to address the carbon emission issue.

We met in a very nice art gallery right by the river in the downtown area, with music in the background and fresh flowers, along with a nice assortment of finger foods, coffee and tea. We had the space and enough time that we were able to invite people to stay around and visit with us after the meeting as well as fill out a survey we had designed, which almost everybody did.

At the close of the meeting we asked who was interested in bringing these Cafés to Reno and everyone put up their hands. So, we have decided to move along towards the goal of presenting the first Café in early spring 2008.

We appreciated all the support found on this blog and the World Café site."


  1. I heard a short part of the interview on High Desert Forum today. Went to the library but the book is not in the system. I requested it, but because of budget cuts they said it would take a number of people requesting it to get it in. So head over to the library site
    and order it up:
    The World Cafe: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter
    by Juanita Brown
    Berrett-Koehler Publishers; 1 edition (April 10, 2005)
    ISBN-10: 1576752585
    ISBN-13: 978-1576752586