Co-creating the Future we Desire

As an OD consultant, I’ve always searched for innovative forms of creating and nurturing warm and supportive spaces for small as well as large group interventions for the clients and organizations I’ve worked with.

In 1998 I had my first contact with Appreciative Inquiry and since that time I have been fascinated by the power of meaningful and positive questions. It was amazing to see the energy and commitment level of the participants when asked to take a more relevant role in co-creating the very future they desire.

As a member of the IONS – Institute of Noetic Sciences, I took part in a series of meetings in Latin America in 2001 and had the opportunity to host my first World Café and fell in love with the World Café “cause”, asking questions that really matter.

To my personal understanding and experience, World Café is a philosophy, a unique opportunity to have all the voices heard.

From 2001 to this day I’ve used World Café in more than 400 events with more than 20.000 participants in both companies and NGO’s with a great amount of energy through co-creation of their desired future and coordination of actions.

mundinho-na-mãoThe impact of The World Café in my life is tremendous and has created the opportunity for me to successfully facilitate internal or multi stakeholder meetings from 4 up to 600 people in the room, helping them in planning, disseminating and deploying strategies, new desired culture and positive change to their own environment. 

Besides buying a great amount of The World Café books in order to share and give it as a gift to my clients and friends, I’ve been making financial donations to the World Café annually as an attitude of giving back part of what I have received from The World Café Community.

As a board member of The World Café Community Foundation I have had the recurrent opportunity to listen to people telling us about the impact and benefits its use has been creating around the globe!

Eduardo Afonso(Co-Host of the upcoming Impact Café in Sao Paulo on October 16th)

 Join us in the 20th Anniversary Celebrations!


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