Contributions to the World Cafe Community Foundation

If you have received benefit from the World Café in your life or work, please consider giving back to the World Café Community Foundation.

The World Café thrives on the many diverse contributions made by its partners, colleagues and participants in the global community. You too can help ensure the continued development and evolution of the World Café by making a contribution. Your gifts of time and money, at whatever level – never think that small acts don’t make a difference – are the lifeblood of the gift economy of which the World Café is part.

Your financial contributions go directly to the World Café Community Foundation, which is the organizational vehicle through which the World Café community funds core activities that advance the work or serve the network as a whole. The Foundation is collaboratively funded by financial and in-kind contributions from friends of the World Café like you.

Contributors include World Café practitioners who tithe a percentage of what they earn through the World Café back to the Foundation to help support the whole; organizational partners who contribute to specific programs and projects; and gifts large and small from individuals and organizations.

All levels of contribution are valuable, and your support is warmly requested and welcomed.

Read what some of our supporters have to say about why they contribute to the World Café Community Foundation.