by Tom Atlee

I want to expand the concept of conversation.

The Latin and Indo-European roots of "con" and "vers" connote "turning together".

This deeper understanding opens up new meanings.

When we speak our truths and hear each other deeply, letting each other's voices and ideas and stories and passions shift us, we turn together.

When we dance or listen to music, and our bodies and attention resonate with its shifting vibrations and emotional resonances, we turn together.

When we all share the same perspectives, hopes or horrors within the vibrational embrace of mass media and the webs of telecommunications — 9/11, elections, earth from space — we turn together.

When we respond adaptively to the situations we face — individually or collectively — we are turning together with the energies and realities that reside within those situations.

When we as a community come together in times of crisis, rather than splitting apart into adversarial or self-aggrandizing camps, we are turning together.

As all plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen, and all animals breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, we turn together in and as one great cycling flow of oxygen and carbon, 
releasing the energies of Life.

As our one small and beautiful planet spins out its days and nights, and circles the sun into seasons, and glides with our whole solar family on one vast arcing arm of our spiral Milky Way galaxy, we turn  together.

We are in conversation — all of us, all the time, at more levels than we know — turning together.

Waking up is our emerging realization that we can converse more consciously, learn to do it more knowledgeably and heartfully, inspired and inspiring, and thereby evolve together with — and into 
— greater wisdom, wholesomeness, and grace… turning, together.


  1. Dear Mr. Atlee
    I want to express my gratefulness for your writing. I am moved and in joy for this.
    I have been dedicated to the practice of coaching here Chile for many years now; inspired in Maturana´s teachings, among many others; facilitating the awakening for more conscious conversations and people evolution.
    You are the first person,that I hear, that describes so beeautifully how deeply relevant it is to con- verse in all the dimensions of existence in the Universe.
    It is not mere language, it s exactly as you say: a very strong co-evolutionary force.
    And yes we are in conversation, all the time, at levels we don’t even know. And from there we evolve into greater realms.

    Thanks for this marvelous, inspirational writing

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