Conversations Matter!


What if we are immersed in conversation like fish swimming in water? What if it is through conversation that we have built everything in our world? The World Cafe reminds us that conversations matter – no matter how small or large – and to consider what we might do together with our wild and precious lives. 

As The World Cafe turns 20 years young, I am supporting its next 20 years by making a financial contribution, hosting Impact Cafes this fall at the Bioneers Conference and UC Santa Cruz, and offering my time to the World Cafe Stewardship Council. I attribute a tremendous amount of my personal, professional and organizational fulfillment to the friends I have made through The World Cafe, and the many projects we’ve launched together. Cheers to our global community! May we grow and co-evolve. For you, the spirit of The World Cafe, I light this candle.

David Shaw :: UCSC Common Ground Center, Co-Director 

Please join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the World Café.

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