Day 2: Conversation Space

The Conversation Space was jumping as the group began to integrate some of the powerful concepts from Otto Scharmer’s talk. Gabriel Shirley shared an insight he had about the moment of ‘now’ being not a quick blip in a continuum between past and future, as he had often imagined, but rather an expanding present, reverberating in all directions. He had a wonderful image for this insight, too – Otto Scharmer’s dot of presencing with increasingly larger parentheses echoing out on each side.


At the same time there was a whole new harvesting movement being born with Chris Corrigan beginning to identify patterns he was discerning in the graphics by ‘tagging’ them with words written on colored post-it notes. Several people were joining in, and Nancy White and I extended the practice out into the hotel’s common spaces and other areas of the conference … tagging the patterns and links we saw there. At one point we got so excited we spun off into an imagine of covering each other with descriptive tags and tagging  strangers as street performance.

* * *

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