Day 2:AM

Tom Hurley brought us into the second day with a moment of silence, imagining ourselves standing in front of the blank canvas of the day. “Listen to the room breathing”, he muses, a line in a poem by Lorca “there are spaces that ache in the uninhabited air”, suggesting these spaces as our collective mind.


The morning’s conversation with the whole was seeded with “What are the questions in our collective mind and heart today?”

Chaiwat Thirapantu from Thailand stood up and said: “How can we make the American people be mindful when they go to the polls on election day!” which got a big laugh and many nods.

“How can we combine the breadth of social networking with the depth of stillness (presencing)?”

* * *

The morning’s keynote was by a team at Boeing. I couldn’t make it, but the genius of Nancy Margulies was at work and she harvested these images of their talk:







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