Day 3: Conversation Space

In this last conversation space gathering of the conference, we took up the questions Tom and Sharon had raised in the morning’s weaving and talked about what we would bring with us in the transition back to “home”. After some popcorn-style conversation we went around the circle, answering “What question will you be bringing home with you?”

Here is an image of our answers to that question:


It was created out of a vision that one of us – I think it was Teresa – shared about us sitting around the fire together here and each of us taking an ember from that fire home to put in our own grate and serve as the spark to build our own community fires, beacons to gather others around. She saw those fires, too, growing strong so that in turn they could produce new embers for others to take home to start fires in other communities.

One of the words that came from our conversation was a beautiful Sanskrit word from the popular book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert that resonated with many of us as soon as it was spoken. It was “antevassin” which means edge dweller – one who lives on the edge of the forest. That place between, where the path can be seen and is able to be shared with those others who live deeper in the forest.

* * *

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