Day 3: Conversation Space Debrief

At the end of the conference, Conversation Space hosts gathered with Ginny and Janice from Pegasus, who had organized much of the conference organizers and supported this space in being created, in debriefing about the Conversation Space experience.

We started by taking them on a journey through our time together, using the richly illustrated graphics around the room, with those of us who were in the space at various time sharing our memories of what worked and the patterns we saw emerging.

We noted that several of the people who showed up on the first day because the other sessions were full ended up returning again and again throughout the entire conference.

Someone said how they’d seen so many friendships and shared work projects born in this room.

We were able to create a culture that flowed over into the lunch periods and the un-hosted time.

It offered a space for people to integrate what they were taking in, time to bring the information down from their minds to circulate in their hearts and bodies as well.

We shared how important it was that there was a window on the outside world, giving us the constant reminder of the larger context in which we are all held. The ability to see nature, in the trees and rain, and to feel her presence in our midst was crucial to many of us.


We all concluded that this was a successful experiment that will definitely be expanded in next year’s offerings at the 2008 Pegasus Systems Thinking conference in Boston.

* * *

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