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The World Cafe
Stepping In Overview – Becoming Wiser Together

A Heartfelt Invitation to Heart-full Engagement & Generosity

The Call
“Throughout the world, there is a deep hunger for community
and safe spaces for conversation in both communities and organizations.”

The times we live in are asking us to move beyond the divisiveness and uncertainty so prevalent in today’s world. The World Cafe global community is committed to providing pathways for constructive dialogue across difference.

What The World Cafe offers
“Thank you for providing the tools and support for people like me
to help shape a new future where we are.”

The World Cafe builds on more than 20 years of experience and cross-sector impact to equip people work effectively to address issues in communities and organizations around the globe.

Stepping In
“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”
~ Marshall McLuhan

Generosity and volunteer efforts have made it possible for the World Cafe to spread from 24 people in a living room to a vibrant global movement. An international community with a shared passion for meaning-making and positive change makes us rich indeed. And … what could we create together with the ground of ongoing financial resourcing beneath us?

We need a crew of engaged global citizens to join us in taking next steps.
Step into the next phase of this work with us! Take personal responsibility and contribute to the well being of this global movement, dedicated to a world that works for all.

Building Capacity
“Let’s make hosting courageous conversations a common practice.”

Local communities, organisations & networks all over the world are urgently calling for ways to host the conversations that matter most to them. In response, we are co-creating prototypes for deep learning experiences that build our capacity to convene the courageous conversations needed in these challenging times.

Nurturing the Broader Dialogue Field
“Despite coming from different places and different objectives, we are
united by our common humanity and the wisdom we can generate together.”

The World Cafe Community has been a pioneer in fostering collaboration with other dialogue communities, and social innovation networks. We are actively committed to continuing to expand these collaborations so that together we can be more effective in our work, strengthen our scope, and increase our collective impact.

Engaging Generosity
“The World Cafe has been born into the world for world service.”
~ Finn Voldtofte

The Generosity Fund is a courageous step; a bold trust in the abundance and generosity of an international circle of passionate contributors. It is an invitation to step into partnership within a global dialogue movement and receive the gifts of being part of something worthy of all our best efforts.

This Generosity Fund enables the work that is being called for today – locally and globally – and ensures our ongoing capacity to contribute and thrive over time:

Developing Capacity – co-creating innovative learning experiences and sharing stories and practices to build our collective capacity to host the challenging conversations and wise action needed today; both locally and globally.

Empowering the World Cafe Community – inspiring and activating the skills and experience of the global World Cafe community to courageously bridge divides and discover new paths forward together.

Deepening and Broadening Collaboration – nurturing and evolving our relationships with other dialogue and social innovation networks.

Social Innovation 3.0 – Building on cross-sector fertilization and the strengths of a self-organizing network, we are stepping into a model of social entrepreneurship that will allow us to thrive and co-create a world where we are all wiser together.

Step into this bold leap of passion and imagination with us now with your contribution to the Generosity Fund.

We are Wiser Together. Together, We Can Make a Difference


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