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World Cafe Generosity Fund

Stepping In
The World Cafe Generosity Fund Priorities

Developing Capacity
We need more people from diverse backgrounds with
the capacity to be conversational leaders.

  • Offer innovative learning programs that expand the capacity of a diverse, multi-generational global community of hosts for the challenging conversations needed today.
  • Provide scholarships to make our current and evolving learning programs accessible to those who may not otherwise be able to participate.
  • Create a World Cafe Fieldbook to share stories, best practices, tools and reflections about the impact of World Cafe and other allied conversational leadership doorways.

Empowering the World Cafe Community
We can amplify the strengths we already have!

  • Draw on the strengths, stories and diversity of our global community to maximize collaborative opportunities for large-scale impact in key areas.
  • Support and expand the ongoing Wiser Together Community Cafes and other opportunities for community engagement, co-mentoring & the chance to practice and develop hosting skills within an active, supportive hosting team.

Deepening & Broadening Collaborations
We can expand our reach through partnering with others for greater impact.

  • Cross-pollinate knowledge, skills, and learnings across key dialogue networks as we cultivate the “central garden” of powerful participatory practices.
  • Cultivate collaborations with other courageous efforts and key strategic initiatives where the World Cafe’s expertise in hosting catalytic conversations can be best leveraged.

Social Innovation 3.0
We want to see the World Café continue to evolve and serve the common good.

  • Explore the principles and practices embodied by successful social enterprises to discover creative approaches that best support the long-term viability of the World Cafe’s contribution to organizations and communities across the globe.
  • Active invite collaboration with next generation leadership in social innovation and entrepreneurship.