After the break this afternoon, the facilitation team shared with us the model that is behind all the questions that we got to speak about so far. It is the drawing of a spiral. Starting with The Landscape of Innovation; going to Letting Go, over Letting In; and now we are in the Transformation/Dreaming.

Right now the collective harvest just started. This time the harvesters, the graphic recorders are in a dialogue with the group as a whole. They write words, they use colour, they talk with the group, all happening together! It is becoming really FUN! One of them is in conversation all the time, while drawing… I can do this blogging, I can write words in a creative way on a piece of paper, but this is a different kind of art. Beautiful!

What I heard so far:
Dreaming together!

Innovation is a journey.

A network of risktakers and caretakers. And the drawing of the world, with a lot of people on it.

Ohhh, I forgot the question that they talked about the last two rounds. In which I didn’t participate because I was here blogging. The question was:

Creating the Leadership Dialogues – We are doing it here!

What are the Values and intentions behind our dreams. Courageous Dialogues.

Business is not the end, but a means… Work is Life, integrated and it is FUN!

Juanita is speaking now, building on what some of the previous people said about the dreams they have for the world. Somebody was speaking about doing a similar thing in Paris. Juanita names the different initiatives that are happening in other cities, in towns, in schools, even in government. This is not ‘having a World Café’, this is bringing the conversations back to local people…

A dream of a whole day, somewhere in a city, the whole day dedicated to dialogue about everything that matters in the city. The work on that day is to engage in the dialogue! And the city will change by itself!

Hearing all these dreams, it is as if spirit is speaking. Spirit finding place…

We should dance more!!!

After these powerful dreams and words, Jeff is proposing a few minutes of silence to let all this sink in…


  1. Hi Ria, I really miss you and feel miserable that I can’t be in Dresden any longer. Give a hug to Juanita, who I met in Vienna at the SoL congress 2005. Keep going!