Elizabet Sahtouris Workshop

The Weekend of September 21-23,
Elizabet Sahtouris, one of the most interesting and well-informed people you will ever meet, is going to be at Esalen in Big Sur California, giving a workshop entitled Cool Solutions for a Hot

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Sahtouris, an evolution biologist and futurist, is also a world-renowned speaker and consultant.

I have found that conversations with her are enormously rewarding and inspiring.

She explains, "While humanity has cut its teeth on a
dozen or more Ice Ages, it has never before faced a Hot Age. Everything
about human life will change as the climatic disruptions advance. By
learning to see living systems in evolution, we can learn nature’s
secrets of successfully coping with climate changes of the past.

will help us see the Hot Age as an evolutionary driver toward a
cooperative global humanity. We can accept climate changes as amazing
opportunities for pioneering sustainable living-systems, from the
food-secure greening of deserts into drought-proof ecosystems to the
building of truly green cities based on alternatives to oil. We can see
them as opportunities for creating new living economies measured by
quality of life, sophisticated materials and energy revolutions,
distributed-network global governance, and conscious cosmic evolution.

Come to learn what is possible, help create realistic visions, and plan
to create your own future in a positive light."

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