For Kids Taking Action

Journey For The Planet Here’s the perfect gift for kids in your life and your local schools:

A Kid’s Five Week Adventure
to Create an Earth-Friendly
Life by David Gershon

To be empowered, children need a step-by-step program that gives them support to translate their caring for the Earth into effective action.
The Program

Journey for the Planet was created to meet these needs.

The Journey has five sections, dealing with garbage, water, energy, eco-wise consumerism, and empowering others. Each has its own cartoon animal guide to lead the way.

The 46 actions in the program include:

• "No Garbage Lunches" – using reusable packaging,

• "Aquacop" – hunting down dripping faucets,

• "Chill Out in Your Room" – finding air leaks that cause energy loss,

• "Squash Party" – carpooling,

• "Charge It!" – switching to rechargeable batteries,

• "What Goes Around Came Around" – buying recycled paper products.