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The World Café has grown over time through networks of friendship and the sharing of stories; for us story is the currency of conversation, the lifeblood of relationship. The stories we tell about our World Café experiences help us articulate what we have learned and deepen our collective understanding of this work.

Stories also show the range of our impact around the world, as shown by the global map on the Impact page.

World Café stories range from tales of community conversations held in villages and town halls to reports of policy decisions in government and public institutions, to evaluative product assessment held in corporate boardrooms. Together they tell the story of a powerful and far-reaching movement that taps the human need to reach out to each other in collaboration as we plot the course of our futures and make meaning of what we are learning together.

New stories are being collected everyday and published in the World Café community StoryNet. You are warmly invited to share your own experiences with World Café – either directly on StoryNet or through this form.