Global Dialogue Center

Debbe_kennedy Debbe Kennedy, Founder of the Global Dialogue Center writes:

At the Global Dialogue Center our contribution is working to  provide opportunities to think, question and explore new ideas, so we all can be informed citizens and catalysts for positive change.

I would like to invite others to visit Global Dialogue Center to listen to our new MOMENTS OF INSIGHT SERIES, which includes a powerful six-episode series with NY Times Bestselling Author John Perkins, called OUR GEO-POLITICAL CRISIS and YOU.

It serves as a primer to his 2nd book that hit the NY Times bestseller list its first week. Learn about what’s going on in every region of the world and how we can each contribute to changing it by working together. It’s free and open to the world.  May we all use our unique gifts to do our part for the good of all people, animals and our planet.