Highlights of 2007

This has been a year full of tremendously exciting developments. Highlights include:

•    Launching a new World Café website in February, followed by the continuing expansion of our online presence. It now includes the website, the online community space, two blogs – including the newly launched World Café Community blog – a global directory of World Café hosts, the new World Café e-newsletter, and much more.

•    Hosting pioneering World Café programs in every part of the world, in many different fields and sectors. These included the three-day World Café Europe gathering in Dresden, Germany, which featured eight simultaneous World Cafés throughout the city; dialogues at the Tällberg Forum in Tällberg, Sweden, where senior corporate leaders, government officials, and social entrepreneurs used the World Café to deepen their conversation about critical global issues; multi-generational collaboration for community development in Sao Paulo, Brazil; and many others.

•    Creating a partnership with Fielding Graduate University’s Institute for Social Innovation. Working with World Café hosts, researchers, and social innovators around the world, we aim both to develop and disseminate the World Café as a methodology for participatory research and collective knowledge evolution, and to explore applications of the World Café in key areas such as change leadership, organizational development, and societal learning.

•    Five more translations of the award-winning book The World Café. In addition to English, it’s now available in Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish – and more translations are underway!

•    Ongoing development of the World Café stewardship network. Friends of the World Café are now passionately engaged in stewardship circles focused on place-based and regional stewardship, learning and conversational leadership development, research and knowledge evolution, global communications, and the discovery of new processes for resourcing the World Café, among other areas.