Honoring poem

The previous email exchange between Juanita, Phil, Anne and others inspired Toke to write this:

"Thank you Dresden, Columbus, Juanita, David, Ann, Pat, Jeff, Phil and all the rest of you hosting folks
as we in the world – slowly but surely – are beginning to remember ourselves in the world as cafe…"

Here is the poem Toke wrote:

cities that learn
sisters that learn
brothers too
not to forget

learning that learns
we people
that heal by listening to
and each other

what may growth forth from this
most sincere wish
that we may
live today
the peace, consciousness
and compassion
that may govern us tomorrow

two generations after the bombing
we gather to listen, question and heal
to experience the oldest new there is
oneness – understanding – common ground
just beyond our differences

what is the bombing
we may prevent today
by our conversations ?

learning for survival
thriving on joy
of giving from the heart

being in conversation to be in learning
learning to be in conversation
hosting the conversation that matter
hosting the learning
hosting the sisters to be in community
a whole new hope of unity
beyond the borders
we know too well

What if
hosting spaces and conversations that matter
is the kind of leadership
that allows sister cities to learn
their best future together ?

I am in this One boat
with everyone

grateful for a life
of love and meaning

let us take the next steps
and see
how me may
to what is
true friendship
in action

– toke

" The problems of the war and disharmony
in our world is maybe because of all
the conversations that never took place."
– Queen Margaret of Denmark

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