About the Blog Host and Contributors

Nancyat_chartNancy Margulies
The World Café had been around for more than ten years when the issue of global warming caught the attention of people worldwide. The need for meaningful conversation, addressing the questions surrounding this threat was clear. World Café seemed ideally suited. At that time Nancy Margulies had been hosting World Cafés for community and business groups worldwide. She and business consultant and educator, Anne Adams began hosting Global Climate Change Cafés in their homes. Nancy worked with the City Manager of Redwood City to host a similar Café for residents and City Hall staff.

Nancy is the developer of Mindscaping, a visual recording method that she uses to capture key insights during World Café “harvesting” of ideas. She is the author of several books including, Mapping Inner Space and Visual Thinking. Nancy is currently working on a comic about key principles and questions with author Margaret Wheatley.

Amy Lenzo

Amy is an artist, writer, photographer, and Web2.0 online communications & social media professional.

She runs Clear Light Communications and is a Community Technology Steward for the World Café and a number of other visionary groups. She blogs regularly on beauty, and is an avid proponent of the Online Beauty Revolution!

A long-time nature-lover and environmentalist, Amy contributes articles on art and the environment to Seeds for Thought, edits the ecopsychology e-zine Gatherings and is on the board of River Ocean, a UK environmental education NGO she co-founded in 1995.

Amy and Nancy Margulies were collaborators on the design for this blog and together they care for its ongoing maintenance.

David Gershon
David Gershon, of the Empowerment Institute and author of “The Low Carb(on) Diet, A Thirty Day program to Lose 5,000 Pounds” developed a seminar that includes a World Café in which people explore their fears and hopes, discuss what is possible and what they feel called to to. After the Café segment the Low Carb(on) Diet book is used to encourage forming teams, making pledges to reduce personal carbon use, and work collectively as well.

Emmett Miller
Emmett Miller, MD, one of the fathers of Holistic and Mind/Body Medicine, is a physician, scientist, musician, and master storyteller, who is probably best known for his invention and development of the first deep relaxation/guided imagery tapes (1973), combining music, nature sounds and his unique voice. During the last decade, his explorations have expanded to include the spiritual dimension of human life and global transformation. Dr. Miller practices Mind-Body Medicine in the Bay Area of CA and in the Sierra Foothills (Nevada City) where he facilitates World Cafes and is actively working with Power Up in Nevada County leading global climate change cafes .  He also conducts trainings for health professionals and lay audiences, and lectures throughout the country and abroad.