What is FUN here is that the facilitation team really took time and effort to integrate silence, and movement in a lot of different ways. It shows in the conversations, in the harvests after the different rounds, when we come back after the breaks etc. There seems to be a willingness, an awareness growing of the intelligence of the body, and that we need it for the kind of innovation that we really want.

This afternoon we started with this question: What needs to be present in me in order to see and experience the world differently? It was an inspiring and ever deepening dialogue, like a good Café should be, so I was engaged in it and didn’t take a lot of notes… here are my words…

Our toys

The inner child integrated
more balance
Embrace the paradoxes

Out of silence, of burning questions, of peace, of grief etc…. we are
challenged or invited to expand and grow, to embrace more and more in

But: why does not much real innovation happens in the world???

Harvest is done in a new way… what echoes from the table
conversations?…. everybody closed their eyes…. different words spoken
by different people….

Echoing harvest

Why me?
Why not?
It is in the in-between space
The magic in the middle
speaking new languages
dressing up as a clown
deep joy
breaking rules
rock and roll
…   ….

What are the implications of what we have just discussed for our teams and organizations?

go to ‘other’ places, be it inside or outside…
scunkwork: in some way hidden work, outside the normal system
a walking or standing meeting
What did we learn in the last quarter?
Sit with questions

We don’t have time anymore to do it quickly.

Time for reflection and listening to the body; time for dialogue and dreaming.

Embracing paradoxes
and beyond: The possibility of co-existence of multiple realities.
Balance reflection and action

Sensing the Magic and keep it alive

Live as everyday is a holiday!

Spaces for creativity and timelessness
Accept blank and confusion

Less is more


  1. how refreshing to hear of so much body presence, silence, and space for other modes of expressing, reflecting and receiving….

    thanks so much for sharing here.