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DNA Overview

The World Café is based on a few simple ideas, but those ideas are situated in a complex nexus that includes elements of process itself, philosophical thinking both historic and recent, a lexicon of new language, emergent social behaviors, and many other groups and methods that are exploring similar territory.

Juanita Brown, one of the co-founders of the World Café, wrote her doctoral thesis on the subject, and there is no better place to go to find the deep philosophical roots of the World Café as an experience and social phenomona (e-format copies are available for purchase in the World Café Store).

This section includes material to serve as a brief overview for understanding the fundamental concepts behind the World Café process, practice, and the larger pattern we’re working within:

In the Resources section, you will also find:

  • A list of seminal articles written by World Café founders and senior practitioners, including translations in languages other than English
  • A reading list of core books that have influenced World Café thought leadership