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Graphic Recording

Graphic recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment.

It is a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the World Café, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.

Colorful pens on the tables and a plentiful supply of blank paper provide the opportunity for participants to write down the key words, phrases, images and symbols that reflect ideas emerging in their conversations.

By viewing the drawings and musings at various tables, participants begin to see patterns emerging; the collective wisdom of the group starts to become more visible and accessible.

When a recorder works in large format, a record of the proceedings is visible for all to see. Enabling people to see their contribution to the whole increases participation and fosters trust and connection and the large displays of themes and insights naturally weave together diverse perspectives into a composite “picture” that reflects the collective intelligence in the room.

This documentation created by participants and recorders serves as the group memory and allows the group’s collective work to be shared with others as a framework and guide.

For more details on the benefits of graphic recording, refer to this downloadable pdf created by talented graphic recorder Susan Kelly.

If you would like help finding experienced, skilled graphic recorders for your event, contact the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) or ask on the Art of Harvesting group or Needs Exchange forum in the World Café online community site (if you are not yet a member, you will need to be approved, which should happen within 24 hours).