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Moving Forward from the Ottawa Charter: A Chester Perspective

Name of Project:
Moving Forward from the Ottawa Charter: A Chester Perspective

Submitted by:
Dr Rebecca Mead


Short Description of Project
Thirty years ago, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion generated worldwide interest in a new public health programme based on the promotion of healthy public policies, environments conducive to health, inclusive public services and community and individual action. Thirty years later there is a clearer understanding of the relationships between politics, public policy and health, however “socioeconomic inequalities in health have persisted; moreover, evidence for recent decades’ points to widening inequalities” (Graham, 2009, p.463). In Cheshire West and Chester, women in the least deprived areas can expect to live nearly eight years longer than women in the most deprived areas. For men the difference is 10 years (Public Health England, 2015).

In partnership with Birmingham City University and The Equality Trust, the Politics of Health Group is marking the Charter’s 30th anniversary with a one day national conference in Birmingham on the 23rd November (please see Appendix A for the main conference programme). Taking into account the views and experiences of people across the UK, the Ottawa Charter will be developed and re-imagined in the Birmingham Health Charter. Prof. Alex Scott-Samuel is co-chair of the Politics of Health Group steering committee and Dr Rebecca Mead, lead researcher, is a member of the committee.

To gather as wide a cross-section of views as possible a number of pre-events are taking place, one of which is in Chester on the 20th September 2016. Academics, local professionals, representatives of community organisations and local people have been invited to participate in a half-day work shop to examine and build upon the themes in the Ottawa Charter. The aim is to gather a local perspective that will contribute to the discussion taking place in other cities and regions in the country, as well as at the national event in Birmingham. The work shop will follow the World Café methodology.

Academic Home:
University of Chester, UK

Where is the Project Taking Place?
University of Chester, UK

Your Role:
Lead Researcher

Who Else is Involved?
Prof. Alex Scott-Samuel

Category(s) of Research:
Research that uses World Café in some way


Additional Information
I am a researcher with a background in public health and currently working in the area of ageing. This is the first time that I have used the World Cafe method.