Local foods, home cooked

This is the best time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere) for local produce – corn, tomatoes, and fruit are at their peak. Looking for local unprocessed food near you?
Check out this directory of local farmer’s markets across the United States.
In the UK look here — In Australia look here

Make your own meals.  Instead of buying prepared meals, frozen dinners, boxed and packaged stuff,  start with fresh meats or seafood, vegetables and herbs – local and organic where possible – and keep it simple but nutritious and delicious. At first, it seems like more time and trouble but once you make it a habit and rediscover cooking, you can get pretty fast and efficient. And save money, too.

Modified from Jane’s Tips from Cave Creek AZ.
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Want to grow your own vegetables? Here is a great article from the San Jose Mercury News, with plenty of detail about a couple growing a lush in the yard of their new home.

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