Planning Team invites you personally to come to Bilbao in June 2008

See the World Café  in a New Light

You still have the opportunity to join three days of eye-opening World Café conversations during the 2nd World Café European Gathering from June 5-7, 2008 in Bilbao, Spain!

These World Café conversations will be unlike any you have ever experienced.

Juanita Brown, one of the founders of the World Café, considers World Café Europe’s engagement with an entire city such as Bilbao a significant step in the on-going development of the World Café. 

Both small and large scale World Cafés will inspire you through their creative  approaches to the design and hosting of conversations that matter in all sectors of today’s society.

We would like to extend a very personal invitation to you:

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join the dialogue in a city full of world class architecture and Latin joie-de-vivre.

The Planning Team for the 2nd World Café European Gathering-Bilbao 2008 would be delighted if you would  come and join us.

¡Bienvenidos a Bilbao!


Registering and reserving a room is only a click away:

Have a question?  

Tel. ++49-89-74 75 39 87



  1. I would like to participate in the World Cafe in Bilbao and would like to reserve a room (not excpensive) until sunday.
    Is it possible to ask you this favour to tell me if there is this possibiity and how much would cost the room.
    thank you in advance.

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