Making Sense of Change Management

The World Cafe is mentioned in the chapter on "Complex Change"  in Esther Cameron’s new book, Making Sense of Change Management, co-authored with Mike Green.


  1. I work full-time as a freelance group facilitator, conducting trainings in consensus, facilitation, conflict resolution, etc., and supporting groups through complex or controversial issues. For over three years now, when potential clients have asked me what my fees are, here is what i’ve told them:

    “I am currently operating on a gift economy basis, meaning i do not have set fees for my work. I ask groups to pay me an amount that feels good and right and fair to you, that you can afford, and that you can give joyfully. Group process work provides my entire livelihood, and i trust the groups i work with to honor this and provide the support that makes it possible for me to continue offering my services.” (Travel is additional and for that i charge whatever the actual expense is.)

    So for me the gift economy is a lived, day by day experience, that provides fully for my material well-being.



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