Making a Difference

Regional and global steward Carlos Mota said something recently that triggered an important question.

Carlos was talking about not just using the World Café for "business as usual", but utilizing its power for truly transformational work on real issues. In other words, to use the
World Café for those conversations that really matter, that explore new
possibilities and drive social change.

This reminder of our "real work" evokes an inquiry to drive our work long into the future: "When have you seen the World Café really make a difference? Either immediately, in one café, or cumulatively over time?"

Please add your responses to this question in the "comments" field below.


  1. This is very exciting and so on target. The cafes have always been known for their regular customers that have met for coffee and the inspiring conversation. Many great ides were born in cafes. Taking this idea of comfortable, inviting, free, thought-welcoming, thought-provoking, stimulating, leisure environment as “the” place for a meeting (of any kind) is purely brilliant.

  2. Making a difference is such a powerful statement! How do we make a difference? Is it one person at a time? I’m working on a project on making a difference for children in high-need areas.

    My vision is to provide them the tools they will need not only to graduate high school, but to also go on to college. Is it one child at a time!

    In the US, we talk about “no child left behind.” What that really mean when there are many children that our left behind in public schools that that are in school less then seven miles from the White House and Capital?

    The challenge that I have with my vision is getting people to share my vision. Heck, at this point, they don’t even need to share it, just believe that there is a problem, and HELP.

    Making a difference begins with helping others who need the most help!

  3. Hi, have just read your comments. Not sure if it’s too late to say hi? Your vision closely echo’s ours but we’re a UK soon-to-be-charity working in Brazilian state schools. Very challenging but you’re right. It is one child, one teacher, one Headteacher at a time. Currently looking at ‘the long tail concept’ to get me to think about my focus better. Sharing the vision will lead to other’s owning the vision but this takes time and there’s so much to do!!!

  4. We can all make a difference just by communication, whether a simple talk at a grocery store or a presentation at a global conference. I am not sure if people understand how much faith we do have in our fellow human beings. When we are driving down the highways at full speed we have faith in the cars coming at us, faith in their love of life, faith in their ability to abide by the rules, and faith in their ability to keep their car up on needed repairs. We eat food out of a box or can having trust in others abilities to follow regulations. To me it is amazing the amount of faith that we unconsciously have in others around us. I think that when we focus on that and not on the comparatively small amount of times we have had our trust broken, we will achieve great things. To show others and ourselves the commonalities brings about change in a huge way. Choosing to think of conflict or challenge as a way to “temper the steel” of our integrity, or as a way of life might ease the burden of the weight we so willingly carry on our shoulders. LOL. I should talk, I do so much carrying of my own…

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