Sacred Portals


I remember vividly the first time when I heard Juanita speak about the different participatory practices as the sacred portals to the central garden of our shared humanity. I was struck, speechless for a while. That was what I had felt for so long: that there was a field in the middle where we can meet. And it does not matter what our background is, where or with whom we have learned or what our “tribe” is called. The central garden is our togetherness, our interconnectedness – our knowing that we are in this, together.

And equally important: all these practices are sacred portals. Entering that central garden, I will always step through one of these sacred portals. Sacred-ness: this moment of pausing before I enter, this moment of grounding and centering myself, and this moment of connecting with the invisible world, listening to the deeper quest of the work that lies ahead.

Hearing Juanita speak these words was a crucial turning point in my life. Coming home to a community who knows about the sacredness of our work in the world and who is willing to invite all contributions: I feel a deep gratitude for all who are part of this community.

In this time of celebrating the 20th anniversary of The World Café: I want to say “thank you” to Juanita and David who have held and are holding this work in their hearts in such a beautiful and inspiring way. “Thank you” to so many others – across the world, who take bold steps to bring the spirit of The World Café to their local communities. And to those who are stewarding the global community with so much commitment. And I want to say “thank you” to those who are entering the central garden through another portal…

I want to say a very personal “thank you” to Amy who has been such a caring and inspiring team member of our World Café Impact Jamboree team. Her way of being present to the larger field of our work has been helping me to bring my best to this celebration.

Sometimes, in front of my inner eye, I see this circle: humans reaching out to support each other and forming a circle around the world.

Generosity and generativity: this is what The World Café has brought and continues to bring to my life.

May The World Café Impact Jamboree radiate generosity and generativity…

Warm greetings,


Michaela Sieh


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