Saying Goodbye to California


A Letter from World Café co-founder, Juanita Brown:

As many of you know, David and I are in the process of moving our home and base of operations from the San Francisco Bay area to our family farm in the mountains of North Carolina, near Asheville, in order to be closer to my 90 year old mom and other family members, including David’s grandchildren on the Eastern coast of the United States.

Even though we are excited about this move and know without a doubt that it is the right thing for our lives, we are sad to be leaving our beloved home on Tomales Bay, just north of San Francisco where much of the World Café book was written.

It was here that I first fully encountered the joys of the natural world.  To experience seals, herons and pelicans up close and bear witness to the ever changing light outside has been a never ending source of deep nourishment.  To walk along the rocky shore, truly “being home” inside myself for the first time in my life was a great gift which I shall always remember.

We are placing our Tomales Bay home for sale, with the hope and faith that some wonderful person, family or group will find this, as we have, a home of dreams and a place of retreat, reflection, and creative endeavors.  Our dear Amy Lenzo, Global Communications Director of the World Café has helped us create a flyer (Download BaylightVista_flyer) and website to share this unique opportunity—as Tomales Bay is a protected area of the coast where further development is restricted and homes of this nature, size, and incomparable location are few. We’d be grateful for your passing on this special offering to other kindred spirits you think might be interested (because it’s for sale by owner until May, this is an especially timely opportunity).

And now we are starting on another great adventure—an adventure of partnering across generations with my mom and a group of younger leaders from the local community to deepen the legacy of the Millie’s Mountain for future generations. Ashley Cooper and I were interviewed by the Alia Institute for their Fieldnotes e-magazine accompanied by a little 2 minute video of what’s unfolding here made by Thomas Arthur of the EarthAnima Project. (Thank you Thomas!)

We welcome your thoughts and feedback and would love to hear of any experiences and learnings you are having in partnering across generations in your own organizations and communities.

And thanks again for sharing the news of our beautiful home for sale in Tomales Bay.

With warm wishes,


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