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Services & Programs

World Café fosters creative and collaborative thinking – allowing new ideas, insights and questions to emerge during all phases of organizational planning and development.

Providing assured excellence from our most experienced practitioners, World Café Professional Services help you meet the challenges of today’s business, organizational and community life, while our Signature Learning Programs equip you with the skills, perspective and support necessary to grow and develop your own hosting abilities.

The following services utilize multi-lingual capacity and a range of specialized skills to offer everything you need to succeed in producing powerful, effective and professional World Cafés, both face-to-face and online.

Hosting and Consulting
Eclipse the standard meeting paradigm with World Café breakthrough social technology.  For those crucial World Cafés, trust our experience and mastery to offer exceptional World Café hosting, or consult the expertise of leading practitioners to help make you and your event successful.
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Online Services
Bring the power and efficacy of World Café interaction to your dispersed networks and international audiences through Online World Cafés. We make technology work for you.
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Wiser Together Multi-Generational Collaboration
Tap into the power of the collective wisdom and co-creativity that shows up when we intentionally invite all generations into conversations for our shared future.
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Three tiers of learning programs familiarize, develop capacity and build mastery in hosting Conversations that Matter. Presented by master hosts from around the world, World Café Signature Learning Programs are grounded in the quality, values and spirit that are uniquely and reliably, the World Café experience. Offered face-to-face and online.
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