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Signature Learning Programs

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Sept 16th – Nov 11thWorld Café Hosting Fundamentals ONLINE
Oct 23rd – Nov 13thWorld Cafe Hosting Fundamentals in Spanish ONLINE
Oct 3rd – 31stThe Art of Online Hosting ONLINE

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Drawing on the experience and expertise of master hosts from around the world, the World Café Community Foundation has developed a suite of World Café Signature Learning Programs to familiarize, develop capacity and build mastery in hosting “conversations that matter”.

These programs are offered online at specific times throughout the year, and are always available via sponsorship by special arrangement (see the last section below).


Introduction to the World Café
Online format in a series of three 2-hour webinars (Introduction to the World Cafe is also offered in a one day face-to-face format by special arrangement).

To introduce the basic concepts, practices, and ideas that underpin the World Café experience and give students an experience of the World Café pattern.
Prerequisites: No special prerequisites required.

  • Experience an effectively guided peer-learning environment
  • Clarify what makes a good conversation & identify the distinguishing characteristics of  World Café conversation
  • Become introduced to the seven design principles that form the World Cafe DNA
  • Experience the “magic” of a World Café directly with the guidance of a senior host
  • Experience the emergence of collective learning through the natural process of conversation and collaboration
  • Understand the contexts most suitable for World Cafe, and how it can be applied in specific situations
  • Relate your own experience of the World Café to future personal or professional applications
  • Get ideas and feedback on how a World Café could be useful in your organization or community

World Café Hosting Fundamentals (6 CEUs)
(More Information)

Structured peer-learning in an eight-week distance-learning (online) format in collaboration with the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University. (This course is also offered in a three-day face-to-face format by special arrangement – see the section on Sponsorship below.)

To embody the fundamentals of hosting World Café, including the seven design principles.
Prerequisites: None, although some degree of familiarity with The World Café is recommended.

  • Experience an effectively guided peer-learning environment
  • Become familiar with the intellectual foundations of the World Café
  • Develop the skills and capacity to design, convene and host World Café conversations
  • Understand and apply the seven design principles and fundamental assumptions of the World Café
  • Learn to generate powerful Questions that Matter
  • Understand and experience the processes, principles and “ways of being” that can call forth Collective Intelligence
  • Explore how the World Café can be applied in creative ways across different sectors, cultures, demographics and contexts

Hosting World Café: Advanced Practicum
Offered online and face-to-face, by special arrangement only.
Prerequisites: World Café hosting experience is required for this course.

To deepen an understanding of qualities and practices of World Cafe hosting across multiple contexts, and to receive feedback and support from other experienced hosts.

  • Experience an effectively guided peer-learning environment
  • Explore the “deeper meaning” and pattern of the World Cafe and Conversational Leadership
  • An opportunity to work closely with other experienced hosts on specific hosting challenges.
  • Participants’ specific questions and desired areas of development will guide the content

Other Learning Programs

There are a number other courses being offered throughout the year to help deepen your World Café hosting practice. Check the World Cafe Community Calendar, to stay up to date on what’s happening now.


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If you are interested in sponsoring any of the above World Café Signature Learning Program (or one customized for your specific needs) for your company, organization, or community, whether online, or face-to-face, we’d like to talk with you.

Here’s more information about what is required:

Introduction to the World Café: Online
Introduction to the World Café: Face-to-Face
World Café Hosting Fundamentals: Online
World Café Hosting Fundamentals: Face-to-Face

Contact us to make arrangements.

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Tuition fees for the Signature Learning Programs we administer (everything except “Hosting World Cafe: The Fundamentals”, which is offered through Fielding Graduate Institute) are set in an alternative economic model where students pay what they can.

Your donation to the Learning Program Scholarship Fund is very much appreciated and allows participation from next generation World Cafe hosts and others who could not otherwise afford to contribute to the cost of running these learning program.