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Wiser Together

Wiser Together is a pioneering venture of conversational experiences, learning programs and consultation services designed to develop and sustain multi-generational collaboration on the most critical issues of today. Multi-generational World Café practitioners are poised to work within communities and organizations to tap into the collective wisdom and co-creativity that shows up when we intentionally invite the voices and unique contributions of all generations to participate.

Wiser Together Guiding Principles
(for more detail see the website)

  • Invite and Honor Unique Contributions
  • Foster Real Partnerships
  • Design Innovative Experiments
  • Create Safe & Inclusive Spaces
  • Use Creative Ways of Learning and Working Together
  • Cultivate Meaningful Friendships
  • Learn Together, Harvest Insights and Share Discoveries
  • Share the Stories of our Past; Develop the Stories of our Future

The Wiser Together Collaboratory is a working group of different generations who collectively have decades of experience designing and hosting meaningful conversations. We have each directly experienced the power of sharing and collaborating across generations, and our passion lives in the endless opportunities that emerge from these connections.

Wiser Together events bring wiser action into our organizations and communities by engaging new demographics and leveraging the unique gifts and contributions of every generation:

Wiser Together Cafés
Our multi-generational team designs and hosts powerful conversations – intentionally inviting people across generations to participate. These events serve as a “point of entry” for people to experience the power of multi-generational interaction and act as a catalyst for new thinking and inspired, collaborative action. These Cafés can be customized to fit the needs of any setting; in an organization, conference workshop, or larger community gathering.

Learning Programs
We offer multi-day learning programs that provide additional tools, models and practices for effective multi-generational conversations and collaboration. These programs support individuals, communities and organizations who want to become multi-generational hosts and leaders, recognizing the possibilities of convening all the generations in strategic and authentic ways.

To learn more about Wiser Together and Wiser Together Learning Programs, to collaborate on a Wiser Together World Café, or bring us in to your project as consultants or hosts, please contact us.

You are also warmly invited to visit our website, FaceBook Page and FaceBook Group, and join our mailing list for updates.