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Activating Collective Wisdom

(first published in weDialogue, May 2017)
The capacity to activate collective wisdom is at the very heart of the work I do, both in my spiritual practice and in my work with groups through participatory group processes like World Café, Open Space, Circle, etc.. As a host of participatory practice, my understanding of collective wisdom has largely been that of a field of shared awareness that can arise within the group when certain conditions are in place.

While it’s certainly true that Collective Wisdom arises from particular qualities of intention and attention, in practice its presence or absence has always been a bit of a mystery to me. In my experience, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t – even when it appears that pretty much the same conditions are in place.

So you can imagine the enthusiasm of my “yes” when long-time friend and colleague Alan Briskin – one of the pioneers in shaping the language and ideas associated with collective wisdom and a leading practitioner in the field – asked if I wanted to collaborate with him to produce an online program on this subject.

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World Café Masterclass

(Time shown is local time in Tokyo, Japan; UTC +9)

Join us as we celebrate the impact of World Café in Japan by deepening our individual and collective capacity to convene and host the conversations that will shape and impact our future/s.


Hosted by: Amy Lenzo

Sponsored by: Qualia, Ltd. 

World Café Impact – Japan-style

Thanks to Michael Shell of GLPA, I recently discovered this video of myself sharing stories of the Japanese translation of the World Café book*, and the ongoing impact of World Café within Japan. In watching it,  I was struck by how fully our Japanese friends have embraced the possibilities and potential of World Café conversation.

japanese-world-cafe-bookI’m very excited to be going to Japan (for my first time ever!) to co-host two Impact Cafés with Juanita Brown (who will be coming in by satellite) and Kazuaki Katori – one in Tokyo on October 25th, and an Asia-wide Online Impact Café on the 27th. I’ll also be co-hosting an all-day Master Class for World Café practitioners in Tokyo on October 23rd. It is a great honor to be part of these 20th anniversary celebrations in Japan. See the Impact Café Listings for more details.

  • Members of the original Japanese translation team and publishers include: Daisuke Kawaguchi, Toshimitsu Kanekiyo, Kazuaki Katori, Mikako Yusa and Riichiro Oda.