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Introduction to Magic in the Middle – Part Two

By Finn Voldtofte, 2005

Magic in the middle when people meet
It is the examination of that magic in the middle that may arise when people meet that interests me. I believe that it may be helpful to look at the wider concept of magic in the middle in order to understand the magic in the middle of a meeting of people.

So now we shift from paying attention to the individual in the meeting, not to the group or the team, but to what happens between people that meet.

To meet here means some kind of interaction. Talking is just one of these forms. Everything that people can do with each other contain the possibility of a meeting. But it is also possible to have, for instance, a conversation, without actually meeting. In my examination of what happens between people, I assume that it is possible for a real meeting to come about. It is not an unimportant prerequisite – sometimes it can be hard to fulfil. Read More