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The Challenge of Our Time

This video of Juanita Brown talking about the challenges and opportunities of working in systems of growing complexity is the first in a series we’ll be publishing here over the next few weeks by documentary videographer Martin Rausch.

I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but I love her opening line; “It’s not only possible to have a systemic breakdown, but by the same token I believe it’s possible to have a systemic breakthrough...”

Juanita’s interview is part of a film Martin is currently working on called The Blindspot – Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence.

What Makes the World Café Important Now?

In support of our Harvest Fund Drive, Frances (Muryah) Baldwin shares her perspective on what makes the World Café so important now:

For more than 10 years I have been excited about the far-reaching effects of eloquent and evocative conversation and realized how rarely people have such personal or business conversations in the real world. Repeatedly, I have witnessed large groups build upon their diverse perspectives to experience substantial shifts in what they believe about their real purpose, potential and interdependence.  Sometimes I try to imagine the amount of complexity, confrontation, pain, time and waste that is transcended, just because people intentionally practice seven simple but profound principles and take the time to determine the questions that will get them where they want to go. We are just beginning breakthroughs that translate the most  acknowledged and finest practices (systems, groups and individuals) into practical behaviors that are greatly needed in our relationships, communities and the world-at-large.  We must keep it going.”

~ Frances (Muryah) Baldwin, World Café Community Foundation board member and President of consulting group Designed Wisdom

Help us achieve our immediate goal of raising $25,000.00 by November 4, 2011.

Thank you to all of you who have already joined us in making this Harvest Fund Drive a great success. Please make your valuable contribution to the World Café Community Foundation now.

You’ll be helping to catalyze the most critical conversations of our time!