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Healing Dialogues in Budapest

(Time shown is local time in Budapest, Hungary: UTC+2)

Ungarn, Budapest, Burghügel und Burg. Stadtansicht

Café Dialogues – Music and World Café in the city of Budapest
Dedicated to the stream of refugees and their helpers (and to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of The World Café). 

World Cafés and other dialogues in and around the city, visiting some trauma stricken sites (The House of Terror, Teleki tér Synagogue, Yellow Star buildings, Cemetary in Fiume str, Corvin Köz and The Radio in Bródy S.u., right behind the National Museum, Roma Parlament, Gallery8, FROKK, etc).


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Hosts: Agota Rusza, Judit Szentirmai, Nora Ganescu (the three shown above), Eszter Kéthelyi, and other TWC hosts

Supported by: Ariadne Gaia Foundation, SoL Hungary, Firebord Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients, FROKK-Roma Educational and Cultural Center, Budapest

World Café Signature Learning Programs

We have now scheduled our next set of Level One World Café Signature Learning Programs!

We will be offering these learning programs in three two-hour sessions online – one in January 2011, and one in February 2012.

Each one is timed to be convenient and accessible to people in different parts of our international community, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

January 2012
Level One Online – The Americas & Asia/Australia

Offered online in three two-hour sessions
January 6th, 9th, and 11th
(in Asia/Australia that is Jan 7th, 10th, & 12th)
5pm – 7pm Pacific Time

February 2012
Level One Online – The Americas & Europe

Offered online in three two-hour sessions
February 15th, 17th, and 19th
8am – 10am Pacific Time

We call them Learning Programs rather than trainings, because while you will come out of the series (Levels One to Three) well grounded in the art and craft of hosting World Café, the process is one of collaborative learning rather than pedagogical instruction. Interactive and experiential, these programs are held in an atmosphere of shared inquiry and mutual support.

Start your own “learning journey” into the magic of the World Café by registering for one of these introductory Level One events now!

Level One is a pre-requisite for the Level Two Signature Learning Programs, so you’ll want to take one of these currently-scheduled programs to prepare for our Level Two course being offered online in May 2012 in collaboration with Fielding Graduate University.

Read more about World Café Signature Learning Programs here.

If you would like to contribute a scholarship to one or more of the many people who would love to participate in this program but are prevented by financial limitations, please make your contribution using the “Give” button in the left column – be sure to indicate your wishes in the PayPal text field provided.

World Cafe and MaestroMonth

old fashioned telephone
What’s easier than picking up the phone to connect and get people talking to each other?

Nothing, right?! Well, what if we could meet for a World Cafe on the phone –
break out into small groups with touch of a button and then come back to the large group to share the highlights and harvest our conversations? What if we could experience the intimacy and collective excitement of a face-to-face World Cafe, on the phone?

Well, now we can!

Amy Lenzo, Christine Whitney Sanchez and Gabriel Shirley are hosting a special series featuring interactive events from Juanita Brown & Nicole Boyer, David Isaacs, Christina Whitney Sanchez, David Copperrider, Diana Whitney and Harrison Owen. This series, called Beyond Facilitation: Accessing Collective Wisdom,
is one week of October’s MaestroMonth, which launches MaestroConference, the company behind this revolutionary new phone-based interactive technology.


These 5 events, like all the events in MaestroMonth are FREE. Most of them start at 9am and go through to 11am. For more information about each event and/or to register, go to, scroll down to the event you’re interested in and then click the “Details” or “Register” button beneath each one. It’s that simple.

* * *

The full MaestroMonth schedule features an array of luminaries across several fields, including many of our close friends and colleagues. :

Business: T. Harv Eker, Michael Port, Robin Sharma, Lance Secretan, Chip Conley, Ray Blanchard, Jeff Hoffman, David Finkel, Lynne Twist, Mari Smith, DC Cordova, Cynthia Kersey, Charlotte & Laura
Shelton, James Malinchak, Bettie Spruill, Rinaldo Brutoco


Health: Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Candace Pert, Olivia Newton John & John Easterling, Judith Orloff, Joan Borysenko, Norman Shealy, Eric Pearl, Len Saputo, Mary Shomon, Jennifer MacLean, Lee Gerdes, Mona Lisa Schulz


Personal Growth: Debbie & Arielle Ford, Dan Millman, John Assaraf, Hale Dwoskin, Vishen Lakhaini, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dave Ellis, Brian Johnson, Mike Robbins, Tripp Lanier & Jayson Gaddis, Zen DeBrucke, Amy Ahlers


Societal Change: Gregg Braden, Seane Corn, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Starhawk, Aqeela Sherrils, Azim Khamisa, Steve Bhaerman, Fred Johnson, David Cooperider, Anodea Judith, Lynne McMullen, Richard Rudd, Miki Kashtan, Stacey Lawson


Spirituality: Marianne Williamson, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Andrew Cohen, James Twyman, Genpo Roshi, Andrew Harvey, Carter Phipps, Lisa Schrader, Ron Alexander, Lauren Mackler, Paul Hoffman, Paul
& Patty Richards, Ellen Debenport, Nicole Daedone, Stephen Dinan & Devaa Haley Mitchell


Special Track for Entrepreneurs: Sharon Drew Morgen, Morgana Rae, Ken Foster, Leesa Barnes, Garrett Sutton, Larry Ousley, James Burgin & John Ward, Steve Maxwell, Leslie Grossman, Brian


Special Series for Change Leaders: Harrison Owen, Juanita Brown & Nicole Boyer, David Isaacs, Diana Whitney, Christine Whitney Sanchez

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