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The Power of the World Café

The Difference We Can Make for Our Communities, Organizations and Society

(Time shown is local time in Tokyo, Japan; UTC +9)

Juanita Brown will be coming in via Satellite to join Amy Lenzo in co-hosting the morning session for this Impact Café with professional facilitators throughout Japan. 

We’ll be addressing the deeper meaning and purpose of World Cafe in a changing world and the role of Conversational Leadership as a core competence for organizations, community, & societal change in the 21st Century.

In the afternoon session, co-hosted by Amy Lenzo and Kazuaki Katori, we will hear stories of World Cafe’s impact within Japan and explore the opportunities and possibilities of applying what we’ve learned together about using World Café to support positive social change in Japan and beyond. 


Hosted by: Juanita Brown (joining via satellite), Amy Lenzo, and Kazuaki Katori

Sponsored by: IAF & Japan/FAJ (International Association of Facilitators & Facilitators Association Japan)

World Café Masterclass

(Time shown is local time in Tokyo, Japan; UTC +9)

Join us as we celebrate the impact of World Café in Japan by deepening our individual and collective capacity to convene and host the conversations that will shape and impact our future/s.


Hosted by: Amy Lenzo

Sponsored by: Qualia, Ltd. 

Awakening a Shared Heart

TennesonI love how the World Cafe Community is deliberate about marking these 20 years of practice with intentional sharing and harvesting. And in the name of impact, doing good collectively, and weaving a collective intelligence across the global community of practitioners.

The World Cafe continues to change who we are and how we are together, evolving the edges of collective potential, and awakening a shared heart.

~ Tenneson Woolf

Please join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the World Café.