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Online World Cafe – A Participant’s View

The other day I came across this post by World Café participant Joan Davis … In it, she describes her experience of an online World Café in detail, revealing her thought processes as well as her emotions and sense of impact. In reading it, I’m struck by how her experience of an online Café is almost indistinguishable from the face-to-face version. Once again, I’m reminded of how powerful and direct these online World Cafés can be.

They’re also incredibly accessible – how else could you engage in rich, meaningful conversation with people all over the world without spending a small fortune on air fare and hotels?

impact-cafesThis month, on November 17th and 18th, there will be an opportunity to experience an online Café for yourself.

Connect with World Café hosts and other conversational change agents around the globe to discover what we’ve been learning over the last 20 years, and dream together into what we want to do next.

If you’ve never experienced an online World Café, this is your chance!  And of course if you HAVE, you know what we’re talking about…

There will be two dates so all the time zones in the world are represented (registration covers one or both Cafés). We really want this to be a great international harvest, so your voice is needed, wherever you are, whatever your experience. Register now to reserve your place at the table.


Online Global Impact Harvest Cafés: More Information | Register Now


(published with permission by the author – thank you Sheila!)

I just wanted to express my appreciation for a World Cafe experience I had yesterday.

In my career I’ve been in a lot of committees and work groups, but have never seen a group of almost 3 dozen people from diverse backgrounds that was able to accomplish as much as we did in such a short time (less than 3 hours). Not only was the end result was very valuable to the organization hosting the meeting (Ohio Help Me Grow Advisory Council), but the process was equally valuable to the individuals who participated. It was a wonderful experience!

Sheila Torio

Personal Impact

Seth Godin, photo by Brian Bloom

Seth Godin, photo by Brian Bloom


This blog post from Seth Godin says something profound to me about impact.

It’s just the sort of inspiration I want to share with anyone thinking of hosting a Local Impact Cafe to help celebrate the World Café’s 20th Anniversary because it shows that impact begins at home, with how we see each other, and how we see ourselves:

The mirror we hold up to the person next to us is one of the most important pictures she will ever see.

Seth goes on to say:

“If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we’ve made a contribution. If we can give people the education, the tools and the access they need to reach their goals, we’ve made a difference. And if we can help erase the systemic stories, traditions and policies that push entire groups of people to insist on less, we’ve changed the world.”

Thanks so much to Greg Guiliano for posting this link on our World Café group on LinkedIn.