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Becoming Wiser Together

The most profound gift that I’ve received from the World Café is seeing this “accidental discovery” spread from 24 people in our living room to supporting a global dialogue movement that has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on six continents as they engage in courageous conversations and wise action around the most critical issues of our time.

I feel honored and blessed that the World Café has enabled me to meet people who care about our common future from all corners of the earth. Experiencing their incredible love, skill and commitment gives me hope that we can face these challenging times in ways that retain our common humanity and show that we CAN become wiser together even as we work across the boundaries that so often divide us.

World Cafe is “Stepping In” on a new level – increasing our capacity to engage most effectively with the challenging issues of our times. Here’s an overview of what we’re envisioning and some of the priorities we’ve identified to start. Please join us and contribute what you can to support this important work.

This blog post is one response to an open invitation to our global community – to step up & express what the gift of the World Cafe means to YOU. We welcome your posts, as well as your comments and shares.

The Power of the World Café

The Difference We Can Make for Our Communities, Organizations and Society

(Time shown is local time in Tokyo, Japan; UTC +9)

Juanita Brown will be coming in via Satellite to join Amy Lenzo in co-hosting the morning session for this Impact Café with professional facilitators throughout Japan. 

We’ll be addressing the deeper meaning and purpose of World Cafe in a changing world and the role of Conversational Leadership as a core competence for organizations, community, & societal change in the 21st Century.

In the afternoon session, co-hosted by Amy Lenzo and Kazuaki Katori, we will hear stories of World Cafe’s impact within Japan and explore the opportunities and possibilities of applying what we’ve learned together about using World Café to support positive social change in Japan and beyond. 


Hosted by: Juanita Brown (joining via satellite), Amy Lenzo, and Kazuaki Katori

Sponsored by: IAF & Japan/FAJ (International Association of Facilitators & Facilitators Association Japan)

Power and the Power of Storytelling

This interview of Juanita Brown talking about the challenges of making a real difference within the existing power systems, is one of a series by documentary videographer Martin Rausch.

Juanita’s interview is part of a film Martin is currently working on called The Blindspot – Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence.