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When Does Conversational Magic Happen?

This video of Juanita Brown talking about the “magic” that can happen in dialogic processes like the World Café when we are able to cross-pollinate ideas and access the collective intelligence between us, is one of a series by documentary videographer Martin Rausch.

Juanita’s interview is part of a film Martin is currently working on called The Blindspot – Unleashing the Power of Collective Intelligence.

Co-Evolving our Futures

juanita-brown-landscape-300x266Since the World Cafe was born in our living room 20 years ago, I have been completely amazed and humbled by its spread across the globe. It is my deepest hope that both the Spirit and the practice of the World Cafe will continue to be of service to life-affirming futures in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations as well as to communities big and small in the decades ahead.

Now that I’ve entered my 70’s and a new stage of my own life,  I’m especially excited to see the growing cadre of next generation hosts who are committed to nurturing “conversations that matter” as a co-evolutionary force for the common good.  I also look forward to continuing my active participation with the Wiser Together Collaboratory which is strengthening the movement toward partnering across generations around critical societal and organizational issues as we co-evolve futures together that are worthy of our best efforts.

The personal relationships David and I have enjoyed over these years last 20 years with the World Cafe have enriched our lives immeasurably. We are grateful to all of you in the World Cafe community who have brought so much love into our midst,  and to the deep friendships among World Cafe hosts and others in kindred communities that have been at the heart of this work always. Read More

Alex Bretas

I was having a Skype conversation the other day with David Isaacs, co-founder of the World Cafe, and a young World Café host named Alex Bretas Vasconcelos from Sao Pablo, Brazil.  

Alex had called us together to talk about an educational initiative he's just finished crowd-sourcing funds for called "Education Outside the Box" (check out his video – it has English subtitles – and scroll down to hear a video message of support from Juanita Brown, co-founder of the World Café).

During our conversation, Alex started talking about his experience as a participant in one of the first Hosting World Café: The Fundamentals courses we hosted at Fielding. It was exciting to me to hear how strong its impact had been on him. Here's an excerpt from what he said:


After giving permission for me to pull out this piece of our conversation, he asked me if I wanted him to write something about his experience, so of course I said yes. Here's what he wrote:

It was a wonderful time taking the World Cafe Signature Learning Program, since it was both a challenge and an opportunity to me to get in touch with people from all around the world and practice my English. Beyond that, I was deeply curious to take a better look at the World Cafe, and at that time I was beginning my personal journey of discovery when it comes to host conversations that matter.

It was also an opportunity for me to read Juanita Brown's dissertation, a masterpiece which is always coming back at me in diverse forms. Now, I have a deeper knowledge about hosting practices both in a theoretical-reflexive level and in a experiential level, and the Signature Learning Program was co-responsible for that.