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Community for the 21st Century

We finally have the story of weDialogue's first session of the "Conversations for the 21st Century" series up in StoryNet! Here's an added enhancement you will only see here: an audio recording of the round table of conversation starters with Peter Block, Sarah Whiteley and Maria Scordialos, and Nancy White:

Just to get you to want to see more, here's a sneak peak of Susan Kelly's graphic recording of the conversation starters (click to see it full size):


Conversations for the 21st Century


World Cafe Online Services partner WeDialogue is launching a series of free, interactive public conversations called Conversations for the 21st Century. These events will be telephone-based and use a World Cafe format. Each will focus on a different topic of significance for life in the 21st Century – economics, health, the environment, etc. – and feature a triad of "conversation starters" (thanks to the Heartland community for this term).

The three conversation starters are chosen for their diversity of perspective and together they will seed the conversation with insights based on their work in the subject area.

The first of the series, Community for the 21st Century, is happening on April 1st and will feature Peter Block, Nancy White, and Maria Scordialos and Sarah Whiteley as conversation starters.

Come, be part of the conversation!

More about the Community for the 21st Century session.
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More about the Conversations for the 21st Century series.


Conversation as a Radical Act

Juanita, along with a little help from GiGis (Girl Geeks) Nancy Margulies, Nancy White and Amy Lenzo, unrolled some of her recent thinking in a presentation called Conversation as a Radical Act last week at the 2007 Pegasus Systems Thinking Conference in Seattle.

The ideas focus on the nexus between issue-based content and the ‘process arts’ that can help us take the conversation about them to a new level, leading to action grounded in collective wisdom.