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An Essay for the World Café 20th Anniversary

Reflecting on the origin of the World Café and inquiring into the value that we should uphold as practitioners for the promising future…
by Daisuke Kawaguchi, Chief Researcher, Human Value

peaceworldIt has been 20 years since the World Café was born into this world by Juanita Brown, David Isaacs, and other practitioners. Since its birth, enormous numbers of café conversations have been conducted to shape better futures, and now the World Cafe is known as one of the greatest methodologies for generative facilitation in a variety of areas. In Japan, as well, the movement of the café conversations has been wide-spread with a large influence on our way of communication and collaboration after the book of “The World Café – Shaping the future through conversations that matter” was published in Japanese translation.

Reflecting on the very early days, a founder, Juanita Brown once said to me under the beautiful sunshine in Jonesborough, “The name ‘World Café’ came from the desire that the café conversations will be able to contribute to the World Service in the future.” I believe this desire has been half-fulfilled as we see the values and impacts that the World Café has accomplished so far.
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What if?

During the harvesting of the Inviting Innovation process, I had a wonderful experience of the 4th Principle of the World Café: ‘Encourage Everyone’s Contribution’, which responds to the question, "What if your contribution is a key ingredient?"

I heard someone I’d not yet spoken to speak my own unique phrase when asked what she’d heard that had been most impacting to her. It moved me greatly that at least two people had thought my contribution was meaningful enough to pass on to others… and I couldn’t help but wonder about the ways, perhaps most of them completely unknowable, that we have all influenced and effected each other in these days of meaning/intermingling.

Who or what has influenced you in ways they may not know?