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Healing Dialogues in Budapest

(Time shown is local time in Budapest, Hungary: UTC+2)

Ungarn, Budapest, Burghügel und Burg. Stadtansicht

Café Dialogues – Music and World Café in the city of Budapest
Dedicated to the stream of refugees and their helpers (and to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of The World Café). 

World Cafés and other dialogues in and around the city, visiting some trauma stricken sites (The House of Terror, Teleki tér Synagogue, Yellow Star buildings, Cemetary in Fiume str, Corvin Köz and The Radio in Bródy S.u., right behind the National Museum, Roma Parlament, Gallery8, FROKK, etc).


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Hosts: Agota Rusza, Judit Szentirmai, Nora Ganescu (the three shown above), Eszter Kéthelyi, and other TWC hosts

Supported by: Ariadne Gaia Foundation, SoL Hungary, Firebord Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients, FROKK-Roma Educational and Cultural Center, Budapest

Bürgerrat – Civic Councils on Refugees in Austria

For the last 25 years, the State of Vorarlberg has been pioneering different methods of public participation. Since 2008, they have been working intensively with Jim Rough’s process, originally named Wisdom Council or Creative Insight Council, which in their context they have named Bürgerrat or “Civic Council”. Austria is currently among the three most preferred destinations in Europe for refugees, next to Germany and Sweden. To deal with this situation adequately, the government of Vorarlberg organized a Civic Council to address the question “How do we deal with the rise of refugees well.”

This short video by Martin Rausch documents the work they did in June 2015 to help create a “Culture of Collaboration”, using World Cafe for the Citizen Cafés at the heart of the Bürgerrat. Their work is ongoing.

The Civic Council (“Bürgerrat”) in Austria on: “How do we deal best with the influx of refugees” – June 2015 from Martin Rausch on Vimeo.